Cheat India: A Phenomenon To Get Every Student Nostalgic

Evolution Of Cheating

Barring those kids, who’ve had their moral antenna real high, most of us have at some point found ourselves in a situation, where we’ve had the urge to cheat. For all those who are about to cry hoarse over the subject. Let us issue a disclaimer right now. No, this post is not celebrating ‘Cheating’ per se, but how it’s an irrefutable part of our growing up years.

The Emraan Hashmi starrer recent release ‘Cheat India’ has been receiving mixed responses from film-critics across the country. Believed to be based on real incidents, the movie is about a ratchet fuelled by the desires of Indian parents to see their children top entrance exams. While it is debatable whether or not the movie is a cinematic representation of Indian education sector scams like the Vyapam scam of Madhya Pradesh, one thing is for sure – it definitely portrays the colossal parental pressure on children to do well in exams and academics. It is this pressure that leads to such scams.

Therefore in good humour, we decided to sum up 8 tried and tested, fun ways of cheating, that could save your neck in a difficult situation in exams. Yes, you read that right!

Cheat India: A Phenomenon To Get Every Student Nostalgic

How not to cheat!

1. Stick a sheet on the inside of your upper garment

Choose a loose shirt, t-shirt or kurta for your exam days. Use a square sheet to write your answers and stick it to the part of your garment touching your chest. This way whenever you lean you will be able to see the answers. Though this is a highly effective method, those who wrote on both sides of the sheet were caught by the invigilator while trying to rip it off in order to see the answers written on the other side – which was stuck to the garment.

2. Writing notes on the backside of the calculator

You can use this method for an exam that requires you to carry a calculator. Choose a calculator with a dark back cover and write the answers with a pencil on them. No one will be able to make them out without looking very closely. The only downside of this method is that calculators are mostly needed for subjects like mathematics, statistics or accountancy and you won’t be able to guess the questions that come in these exams, let alone the answers!

Cheat India: A Phenomenon To Get Every Student Nostalgic

Cheat at your own risk!

3. Writing notes on fingernails

Grow your fingernails long and write notes on them. Make sure the alphabets are so small that the invigilator can’t see them through the naked eye. Carry a microscope or at least a magnifying glass to the exam hall & cook up a good excuse for doing so. But remember one thing – in case you are not able to figure out what you wrote on your nails, don’t bite them off in anxiety.


4. Write notes on the inside of a water bottle label

We all carry water bottles to exam centres. A very innovate way of cheating in exams is writing some answers on the inside of the wrapper that comes with mineral water bottles or soft drink bottles. Many have not only passed exams in this way but also scored great marks. However, you need to stick back the wrapper with skill because the glue might rub away your answers in which case you will only be pouring water on plans!


5. UV Pens

Thank us because we bet you didn’t know that these existed. Anything written with these special pens is invisible unless you flash the light of a UV torch on them. So you can write your answers anywhere and just flash a UV torch on it to know the answer during the exam. Just think of a good excuse to give your invigilator for carrying a UV torch with you. The best excuse ever given by a student was that he was using the torch to look for fleas on the desk and kill them.


6. Using the washroom to hide your treasure

Many students swear by this method. They stock up books and notes in the washroom close to the exam hall. Whenever they need to look up an answer, they tell the teachers to excuse them to use the washroom. Just make a list of excuses you will use for your frequent visits to the washroom. Also, this cheating method should be a community initiative as along with you many other students will have access to your treasure trove. However, if all of you visit the washroom now and then during the exam, the invigilator might get suspicious.


7. Write answers on the notes app of your smartphone

Whoever thought of this was a genius. You can write thousands of words in your phones without worrying about where to hide them. However, to use this method to cheat in your exam, you need to wait till the government of India allows the usage of smartphones inside exam halls. Too long a wait for you? Carry a phone to your exam hall and hide it somewhere. But if you get caught not only will your hopes of passing the exam will go but also your expensive phone.


8. Hiding notes

This is probably the oldest and the most tested method of cheating in exams in India. You need to just meticulously write the answers in numerous chits of paper and hide the chits in different places like your pockets, your box of stationary, your socks etc. Some students also swear by micro-photocopies. However, if you are poor at remembering things (a possible reason why you might be cheating), you should avoid this method as you will need to remember exactly where you have hidden the answer of which question.


Also, a wise man once said that instead of spending hours making answer chits or brainstorming on ways of cheating in an examination, one might as well use that time and that effort to study. As for the sky-high expectations that Indian parents indulge in, it can only be overcome through discussion. Cheating or resorting to crimes for higher marks can only damage the future of the generation as well as the country. It is not a solution but a problem in itself.


DISCLAIMER: All the above goes without saying that cheating is a risk that you not just take upon yourself but your entire career. While we’ve indulged ourselves a little with this article, we certainly want our students to focus on hard-work and academics, because cheating could help you momentarily but it won’t be able to bail your entire career. And not to forget, hard work and perseverance is only an investment when it comes to building a solid educational foundation.