A group of students in a Catholic school in Kentucky was recently condemned. The students were seen wearing the make America great again hats and were also recorded while they were harassing a Native American Vietnam veteran. The students are from the All-male Covington Catholic high school from Northern Kentucky when they were in Washington recently for an Anti-abortion rally and were` recorded while they mocked a man called Nathan Philips when he was singing and drumming. The group of students wore clothes and hats with the MAGA slogan cheered on with “build that wall, build that wall”. The organizers shared the footage online.

The school, however, has issued a statement condemning the behavior of the students specific to Nathan Philips and Native Americans in general. The school also mentioned that they are investigating and will take stringent action and might even expel the students if deemed fit. Meanwhile, Philips, a 64- year old belongs to Nebraska’s Omaha tribe was seen very upset while describing the incident on social media.

Philips went ahead to explain how the students kept cheering “Build that wall” and how it would be great to see the youth of the country to put that kind of energy into making the country actually great by helping the hungry. Philips is a Native American activist and was among those leading the standing rock protests during the year 2016-2017. The protest was against the oil pipeline construction in the North of Dakota.

While Philips remained unavailable for comments Deb Haaland, a Democratic US congresswoman also a member of Laguna Pueblo tribe mentioned on Twitter that Philips is someone who risked his life for the country and the student’s act was one of hatred, disrespect, and intolerance. The incident definitely an act of hatred is one among a series of other similar incidents which have been on the increase since the statement of building a border wall has been made by the American President. 

The border between US and Mexico are formed of different terrains like urban areas and deserts is a total of 3145 km and would definitely take a number of years. The wall would cost more than $70billion dollars to build it and would cost even more to maintain it on a yearly basis. The building of the wall has been an idea of Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America.

The act of intolerance and hatred by the students of the Covington School is one among many other. There has been a number of similar incidents in the past and the people stirring trouble are known to have been using the MAGA slogan. While the slogan translates to a great thought of changing and developing the country, some of the similar such incidents have been in a bad taste and have been creating a lot of divide within the country. The MAGA is a great thought, but the youth of the country clearly needs more positive channeling of their energy so that it reduces the intolerance and truly make America great again.