IIM Calcutta MBA online

The top MBA-school in Kolkata has recently announced its partnership with Coursera, an online learning platform. The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta, is planning on launching online certification courses in Supply chain analytics and Management Science. Online courses have been creating a roar in the education market and the introduction of online certification courses in an MBA- school like IIM, Calcutta is going to mark the first step in the revolutionary change that is being witnessed in the education industry.

Anju Seth, Director of Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta recently mentioned that the IIM, Calcutta wants to be among the pioneers that utilized technology to deliver learning to the global learners thereby expanding its presence. Anju Seth also mentioned that launching the courses on an online platform like Coursera will allow IIM, Calcutta to innovate at a much larger scale and to cater to a larger scale of audience globally.

With this launch IIM, Calcutta will be listed among the top Universities. The toppers list includes Yale, Stanford, Imperial College of London, and the University of Michigan. The other top universities have over 44 million registered listeners on Coursera


The online courses are designed to accommodate the working population so that it helps to accelerate their skills in the ever-changing modern business world. The course has case studies based on real industrial scenarios that will enable the students to learn decision making based on data. The real-time scenarios mentioned in the course from various industries like transport, manufacturing, health, agriculture, and finance enable students to learn to solve the challenges of the real -world and to develop computational models based on mathematics to make informed decisions.

 IIM management online courseThe course provides hands-on projects that demonstrate actual applications from various industries thereby enhancing the learning experience of the students. India has some of the best educational institutions however, capacity constraint causes many students to fail getting enrolled. The online course programs create a great opportunity for many students aspiring to learn.

An online course program has a multitude of benefits. Online courses are a great option for many employees since it provides flexibility. While an on-campus course is costly for students, the online courses are affordable for those aspiring students with limited resources. The curriculum of the online courses is a lot more diverse since they cater to a wide variety of audience that is both national and global.

IIM Calcutta MBA onlineThe on-campus courses have limited choices. The online courses provide a variety of options in terms of courses and also provides accreditation to the courses that are pursued. Online education provides students with networking opportunities and access to expertise. The interaction / one-on-one time of students and the instructor is much higher in the case of online courses.

Until recently the online courses were looked up as a taboo and the introduction of online courses from the top B-school like IIM Calcutta has turned a new leaf in the world of education. This move is among the first step towards the revolution of online courses in the world of education.