IIT JEE Turnout The Lowest This Year

Among the several other tragedies that had befallen the year 2020, one of the biggest impacts were felt in the education department of the country and the world alike. Candidates who had applied to sit for their IIT-JEE exams this year, most of them were unable to make it to their exams. Over 2.5 lakhs of students fulfilled their eligibility for the IIT- JEE Advanced this year but the students who could appear for the exams were drastically low this year. With only 1,60,864 applications this year, the round-up is the lowest in 2020, what with the figures appearing to be at 1.73 lakh in 2019 and 1.65 lakh students in 2018 with regards to applications for IIT-JEE Advanced

IIT JEE Turnout The Lowest This YearAlthough this doesn’t exactly come across as a shock, the examinations had been conducted in difficult circumstances and times. The coronavirus pandemic has forced normal functions of our every day lives to a stop, and the IIT-JEE Advanced examinations have been postponed several times this year already. With lockdown measures in several places, inaccessibility to transport and other various issues plagued many of the students who were unable to appear for the examinations. The JEE full form is Joint Entrance Examination, hence the turnout every year is generally panning India. 

The number of applications for JEE has been decreasing on a yearly basis. Moreover, students who are eligible for JEE Advanced can get direct admission to several colleges. “If a student has secured a rank in the 2000s in JEE Mains, s/he will get whichever programme they want to in an NIT but if they appear and clear the JEE Advanced they might not get their preferred course in the IIT of their choice with such a score,” an IIT dean said in an interview, last year. 

For months on end this year, JEE news had flooded media houses incessantly. As per the latest information for JEE Mains news, the exams have been scheduled to be conducted on 27 September. Heading the news for IIT news is the fact that IIT Delhi will be conducting the examinations, with additional benefits like asking its alumni to facilitate travel for candidates and increasing examination centres for ease of access. IIT Alumni had also launched a portal that came into effect during the JEE Mains to help students in need. 

The examinations are to be held across 222 cities in India at 1150 centres, almost a double of last year from 600. Candidates and invigilators are requested to carry their own sanitisers and masks at the exam centre.