Geno Pro Invertis University

We live in a world, where advancements in technology and science are frequent and widespread. Before moving ahead, a question that needs to be addressed is, why are advancements in science and technology necessary anyway? Simply put, they are essential for human life because they make our lives better. Over the years, technological and scientific upliftment has given way to increment in life expectancy and lowered death rate. From finding cures to fatal diseases to creating machines that make human life simpler, the significance of progression in science and technology cannot be denied. To push through these advancements, persistent efforts need to be made. A scientific convention or conference is one such effort, aimed towards bringing these advancements to light and consequently finding their application in our daily life.

Invertis University’s Geno Pro 2019, 6th international conference on Biotechnology, is an attempt to bring industry leaders, scholars, scientists and other people from the industry on a single platform together. It is a top-grade conference that will focus on noteworthy and the latest research in the field of biotechnology. It will deeply focus on Translational Approaches In Clinical, Environmental & Biotechnological Research. Biotechnology has stemmed from calculated inter-activity between biology and technology, which led to the genesis of high-utility products for the field of medicine, agriculture, industry and environmental sustainability. The consequences of continuous research and development in the field of biotechnology are often by-products that help humankind in ways like combating diseases, reducing our carbon footprint, high yield of crops, enhanced industrial manufacturing processes and much more.

The sixth edition of Geno Pro, to be held in October 2019, includes keynote addresses and research-based talks by eminent personalities from across the globe. All this is in addition to the papers contributed by them (oral plus poster presentations). The conference would also include parallel plenary discussion on several thrust areas, which are Drug discovery and development, Cancer biology, Diagnostics & medical devices, Pharmaceutical Science, Agriculture, Microbiology, Immunology, Cell Culture, Renewable Energy Technology, Nanotechnology, Ancient DNA & Palaeogenomics, Bioprocess and Food Processing Technology, Industrial Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Genetic Engineering, Molecular Biology, Biosensor, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology etc. Apart from this, there would be award sessions for Novel Research Award, Young Scientist Award, Oral Presentation Award I, II and III and Poster Presentation Award I, II and III.

To be held between October 11-12, 2019, the GENO PRO 2019 has had five successful editions previously. The outcome of those conferences has motivated Invertis University to push the limits and organize the event at a larger scale this year. The main intention of organizing this conference is to offer a globally-recognized platform to the participants to interact, share their ideas, research work and experience with their peers, who are likely to come from all over the world. Additionally, it would be a great opportunity for them for networking and establishing fruitful business relations, while being able to find overseas linkages for prospective collaborations in the future.
The conference is being organized by Invertis University, Bareilly for professionals, scholars, and scientists working in the realm of biotechnology, science or medicine. The university is a UGC and AICTE recognized institution, offering a world-class learning experience to the students.