Kerala Government Higher Education website malayalam english bilingualThe website of the Department of Higher Education of Kerala can also be seen in Malayalam. Previously, the aforementioned site was only accessible in the English language. This is a very beneficial step taken by the government of Kerala in order to make the content accessibility more efficient and easier. Kerala is well known for its efficient and reliable educational system. The step of taking the website accessible to people with a weak knowledge of English will increase the reach of education schemes amongst the citizen.


Furthermore, the default version of the website will be English itself, but the users can switch between English and Malayalam with the help of a button provided on the website after logging in. Usha Titus, the Principal Secretary of the Higher Education Department of Kerala launched the updated bilingual version of website officially on Friday. Moreover, the website launch was held at the Secretariat Annexe Hall in Thiruvananthapuram.


In addition to the bilingual feature, the faculties teaching at colleges can also fill up the application in order to travel to other nations to enhance their educational qualifications and knowledge. This is yet another useful feature which will serve the state education system even more. Apart from this, it will end the tedious process for the government as well as private institute teachers who were looking for government validation in order to proceed with their foreign trips. This system is being called as SOFT facility system. IHRD helped in the development of the SOFT system.

Users can now get the Malayalam version of the website by clicking on a button given on the top of the English version of the website which redirects them to the link:


Furthermore, every functionality of both the websites is exactly the same, just the language has been altered. The people with no prior knowledge of English will be benefited by this step taken by state education board. The website is equipped with salient features which are useful for the users. Apart from this, the simple user interface adds the cherry on the cake. The English version of the website can be accessed by the link:

The higher education board is determined to refine the education system of Kerala to its peak. It should be noted that Kerala’s education system is one of the most efficient systems across the nation. Apart from the literacy rate, almost all the institutions have state of the art equipment because of constant efforts made by the government in the domain of education.


The education system is also taking appreciable steps such as KITE (Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education), Playspace and SPFU (State Plan Facilitation Unit) in order to strengthen the roots of education at every level in the state. Moreover, the Playspace is a technologically ardent system that the Kerala government has initiated along with collaboration with IITM-K. Kerala govt has set exemplary milestones for every state to modify the education system and the accessibility by making the higher education system website in a native language.