Kerala had always been leading in the league of Education. With a literacy rate which is one of the highest in the country, the state now has proved to have the best set of Government schools too. According to the Annual Status of Education Report last year, it has been noted that the education provided in the government schools in Kerala is much higher than the other states. Students of a Government school in Kerala have shown exceptional performance in terms of Mathematics and reading abilities.

For the purpose of the report, a study was conducted which covered students from different schools all over the country. The students were aged from 3 to 16. The study primarily focused on the skills of the students and also their attendance in their respective schools. Although in terms of attendance, Kerala lags behind four states namely: Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujrat, and Karnataka, but still manages to hold the second position. When it comes to education, Kerala stands out and takes the lead. The state stands first among the states where students of standard 3 can do subtraction. The percentage of students that are able to do so is 44.7 percent.

The government schools in Kerala are doing exceptionally well. Triggered by the report, the ASER has found that the improvement of the performance in the government schools at Kerala has increased by 5 percent from 2016. This is in terms of the learning capability of the students on basis of their mathematical and reading skills. It has also been noted that the number of private school enrolment from the year 2014 in the state is zero. Kerala, along with Assam, is the only state where the government schools have pre-primary classes available for the students.

The government of Kerala is working on the infrastructure and the facilities available in the government schools. This is motivating students to enroll themselves in these schools rather than private schools. Statistics show that the percentage of enrolment of students for higher education is more in government schools (58. 5%) in comparison to private schools (34.3%).

Experts state that the reason behind the improvement of education at all levels, be it primary, pre-primary or higher secondary education, is because of the awareness and exposure in the state. The number of female students, aged between 15 to 16, who did not enroll for higher studies has also dropped. Statistics say it has dropped from 1.1 to 0.6 in the last twelve years. The girls have also performed better in respect to boys when the study was conducted, in terms of the reading ability.

Although private schools students have performed better in terms of reading ability in comparison to the government school students, the mathematical abilities are at par.the capabilities of students in arithmetic has increased from 36 to 44.7 in the past four years. Kerala students, from both government and private schools, have shown exceptional performance in the study.