Master in Business Administration (MBA) is currently considered to be one of the most prestigious degrees. However, Pune, which has consistently been an educational hub, is experiencing an altogether different scenario. It has come to such a pass that students are not ready to do an MBA from Pune.

The Directorate of Technical Education coordinates the admission process for the university-affiliated MBA institutes. For the same, the prospective students should fulfill some elementary criteria. For one, the concerned student should at least be a graduate and for the other, he/ she needs to have appeared for any of the MBA entrance examinations in the same year in which he/ she is seeking the admission.
Wait not worth the money !

Bhavesh – Singhad Institute of Management

Praful Lokhande, who appeared for MHT CEET entrance exam this time scored the required average marks needed to get in a good MBA college. Subsequently, he wanted to choose a college of his preference so that he doesn’t have to waste a lot of time travelling. However, he hasn’t been allotted the college of his choice even after two counselling arounds and a couple of months. However, he was allotted the Sinhgad Institute of Management after the third round of counselling. He said, “The college is quite far from my place.  Since I fall in the reservation category, the fee is the same for all the colleges. However, I do not want to wait for one more year. So, I took admissions here.”

He added that he received a call from his preferred institute after he took the admission. However, he decided to continue at the place where he had taken admission. Praful wondered, “Why was I rejected for the first two rounds when seats were available?”

Bhabesh - Maharastra Institute of Technologies, Pune

Bhabesh – Maharastra Institute of Technologies

Bhavesh Khatri, who is a graduate in business management from the Maharashtra Institute of Technologies in Pune, said, “I completed my graduation from Pune. I am not looking forward to doing an MBA from Pune. I want to do my masters from abroad. I personally feel that Pune at present does not have any good MBA college. It is almost impossible for an average or even moderately good student to get into the top institutes.”

Shilpa Naire completed her graduation in commerce from the Ness Wadia College of Commerce. She appeared for the MBA entrance examination and scored above the average mark. Still, she could not get a college of her choice. Even in the third round, the college allotted to her wasn’t of her choice and happened to be a below average institute.

Shilpa - SVIMS

Shilpa – Ness Wadia College of Commerce

At present, Shilpa has dropped the plan of doing an MBA. She has managed a job for herself at an MNC. She said, “Since the placement records of colleges in Pune are not that well, I cannot risk losing a year of experience at an MNC. Also, I believe with experience, I can get better opportunities too. I will appear for the MBA entrance again and will try to score higher so that I can get a good college at least in the third round. It is so because I don’t have the capacity to take admission through the management quota.”

Shweta, an MBA student at The Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies (SVIMS) said, “I had no plans of doing an MBA this year. I had just completed my graduation and wanted to take a year off for preparing well for the examination. I also wanted to earn for a year.  So, I didn’t appear for any entrance exam. Most of the examinations were before my graduation final examinations. I felt, I should not divert my focus and study for BBA only. Later, there was familial pressure on me to complete my masters as soon as possible without taking any gap. There was one entrance exam still available at that time. So, I appeared for ATMA. Afterwards I enquired at a few good colleges regarding admissions. Either the fee was high and out of my budget or they said they were all full. There were no vacancies for general category students.

Shweta - SVIMS

Shweta – SVIMS

She went on to add that there were vacant seats available at the SVIMS and consequently she had taken admission there. She said, “The studies are fine here and I am glad I started my post-graduation this year only. I am not expecting too much barring a good placement.”

Ajit - 3rd Year BBA

Ajit – 3rd Year BBA

Ajeet Kumar Thakur, a third-year student doing his graduation in business administration said, “I have no plans of doing an MBA from Pune. I will either aim for the best institutes in Mumbai or I shall study abroad.”

Students doing graduation in Pune also don’t have much faith left for doing MBA in Pune. They feel that an MBA degree in itself is not enough. The degree has to be acquired from a good institute.

Preeti Singh
Special Correspondent, Team Edinbox