NEET MBBS Medical students abroad education doctor MCI Higher Education college entrance examIn order to ease the Medical candidates who had previously applied to the universities abroad for studying medicine this year, the Delhi High Court has altered the procedure of Medical Council of India (i.e. the MCI). The revised order allows those learners who could not get through NEET 2018 in order to study medicine abroad. However, the court has upheld the Medical Council of India’s regulation for NEET (National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test) for students preparing to study medicine abroad. As per the judgment, from the year 2019, it is binding for students to first clear NEET assessment to study medicine in any of the foreign Universities.

NEET MBBS Medical students abroad education doctor MCI Higher Education college entrance examThe court further added that if in case the students are not able to qualify NEET in 2019, they would not be eligible to study medicine abroad in that year and would not be able to get the license. This law was made when a batch of petitions questioned the modifications in the Foreign Medical Institution Regulations, in the year 2002, and also the Screening Test Regulations, 2002, as made by the Medical Council Of India. The applicant argued that the new conditions were erratic and unplanned.

The bench of Justices A K Chawla and S Ravindra Bhat stated that the court is of the belief that the MCI’s altered the procedures, making it mandatory that those aspiring to study abroad, had to appear and score in NEET. It has a direct nexus with the specialists who — or many of who would — wish to opt for the medical practice routine and seek registration in the State register, for the same purpose. It is now crucial that anyone hoping to get admission to any medical institute in India has to not only appear but also qualify the NEET. Such a prerequisite is neither unreasonable nor arbitrary.

NEET MBBS Medical students abroad education doctor MCI Higher Education college entrance examFrom the MCI counsel, T Singhdev explained that aspirants who get admitted in various foreign institutes find it very difficult to even complete the fundamental medical course and are incapable to qualify the screening test needed for getting registration in order to practice medicine in the country. Thus, the system of NEET manages the entry of applicants into the field of medical education so that only appropriate candidates with the required know-how and efficiency get entry to the educational institutions at the undergraduate level.


#How Can One Master Both Board Exams As Well As Competitive Exams In 2019?

While chartering the NTA as a single body for administering entrance exams in the country, the HRD Minister had a proposal for conducting the medical exam, NEET, twice in a year as a computer-based test. But, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had a concern about the extra tension it would create on the medical aspirants in case the assessment is held twice a year.


#Changes made in NEET 2019 as compared to NEET 2018:

NEET has seen many advancements during this year. In February 2018, NEET was made binding for even foreign MBBS candidates, but many aspirants preparing to pursue MBBS abroad were not prepared.

During the month of September, as a one-time exemption to medical candidates, the High Court stated that learners who didn’t sign up for NEET 2018 can study medicine abroad.

Additionally, the High Court of Delhi granted a one-time exemption even to students who couldn’t succeed in NEET to study medicine abroad.

Hence, in 2018, the NEET order to study medicine abroad was entirely destroyed. However, from 2019, NEET will be compulsory for every student desiring to become a future doctor.

Learners who went abroad during the year 2018 to study medicine had to opt for an eligibility certificate from the Medical Council Of India whether they had cleared NEET or not.
#We saw a rise in aspirants to foreign medical colleges in 2018
Medical colleges overseas saw a hike in the number of applicants in 2018 as, from 2019, they wouldn’t be able to do so without qualifying NEET.

There was a rise in the number of aspirants this year. The number of medical candidates at Caribbean-based Texila American University saw a spurt in candidature in 2018.

The academic background of these learners was also good. They didn’t want to miss an opportunity and waste another year because 2019 might see many more adjustments which might or might not be good for them.


#Necessary NEET for MBBS students aspiring for overseas admission: Boon or bane?
2018 was the safeguard time offered to learners wishing to seek medical education wherein they could appeal to an overseas medical college even if they didn’t apply for NEET 2018 or couldn’t qualify the exam. But in 2019, even these students will have to opt for the all-India medical examination conducted by NTA.

NEET MBBS Medical students abroad education doctor MCI Higher Education college entrance examMany applicants find the compulsory NEET approval for foreign MBBS students improper as they will have to qualify MCI’s FMGE or Foreign Medical Graduates Examination in case, they wish to return back to India and practice medicine here.

#Anyone who doesn’t clear NEET is a suitable candidate to be a future doctor?
It is not mandatory that candidates who do not clear NEET are not good enough to practice medicine. There have been cases of students who were academically brilliant but could not get good marks in NEET due to multiple reasons.


#What does our country need: A few good doctors OR A lot of half-qualified doctors?
India’s health care market is loaded with complications and according to an India Today report from 2016, about half the doctors in our country are not qualified enough.

Our country not only has a dearth of doctors in general (there is 1 government allopathic doctor for every 10,189 patients, on the other hand, WHO guidelines advice one doctor for six hundred people), but it is not to be forgotten that it faces a severe paucity of highly qualified doctors.

#Would the additional burden of double screening tests help generate the number of doctors that India actually needs?

The need of the hour is to develop a highly skillful squad of doctors.

NEET MBBS Medical students abroad education doctor MCI Higher Education college entrance examThe team is working towards developing quality doctors as our educational program is coordinated with the medical curriculum in the US which on the other hand is far more meticulous in comparison to the Indian medical curriculum. It is not easy to finish the course in case learners don’t work hard. As proof of the same, 96% of our medical students clear the FMGE examination.


#Bilingual question papers for regional students: Boon or bane?
During NEET 2019, learners are being granted to opt for question sheets in any of the 11 languages indexed by NTA in its information bulletin. In order to avoid any turbulence, NTA will also have an option for English question papers to students opting for regional language.

The various languages in which aspirants can opt for question sheets are — English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada. Marathi, Assamese, Odia, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.