Rajasthan education minister Govind Singh Dotasra announced on Sunday that the Government has recommended to include a chapter in the school textbooks which will cover a report on the CRPF convoy martyred in the Pulwama terror attack on 14th February.

A reviewing committee has been set up by the Government to review the information and the knowledge that is being imparted by the school textbooks. Mr. Dostara, who is the Education Minister of Rajasthan (independent charge), said that the Government has recommended the report on the terrorist attack to this the reviewing committee. If the committee sanctions the report it will be added to the school textbooks.

The school textbooks already include the surgical strike which took place in Uri, Kashmir two years ago. The Pulwama terror attack is another disastrous event which took away the lives of 34 CRPF personnel. Out of these thirty-four, five were from Rajasthan. The Minister, thus, feels that the report on the Pulwama attack must be included in the books.

Mr. Dostara believes that including the incident of losing our CRPF personnel in the recent terror attack in the school textbooks will make the students aware. They will pay homage and respect to these great martyrs who gave their lives in the bomb blast.

Earlier this month, the committee also reviewed the intervention of the BJP to make changes in the textbooks. This reviewing committed checked whether the changes made attended to any political agenda or not. The committee will also review the fact that if the changes made, had any connection to changing the history of the nation by distorting facts. Any information which does not have evidence or is a hoax will not be entertained in the school textbooks. Political parties must restrain from modifying the textbooks only to meet their own personal agenda.

The committee will be reviewing the textbooks of the schools from standard 1 to standard 4. These books will be reviewed by the Committee comprising Mr. I V Trivedi who has been the Vice Chancellor of Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Mr. G N Ghasiya, Mr. Rajiv Bagaria, and Ashish Vyas. The committee will thoroughly check whether the information included in the books of the primary classes in the schools is genuine and authentic or does it serve the purpose of any political parties.

The secondary school textbooks are reviewed by another committee. This committee has Mr. B M Sharma, Mrs. Sunita Pachar, Mr. Sohan Lal Meena, and Mr. Pagan Bhanwaria. Mr. B M Sharma also happens to be the former Chairman of the Public Service Commission of Rajasthan.

The committees are working on the reports. This needs thorough research and in-depth analysis of the reports that have been submitted for consideration. The future of the students will be at stake if any political agenda is included in the education system. To avoid such a scenario the committee will need time. However, the Government will be waiting for the reports and the committees need to submit it soon.