Tamil Nadu School education TV Channel Arasu Cable TelevisionIntending on utilizing the state-run cable television service provider (i.e. the Arasu Cable Television Network) for educational purposes, the Tamil Nadu government in collaboration with the School Education Department on December announced for an independent Education channel. This would be launched on January 15, 2019, with the motive of reconstructing the moral values in today’s learners.

“This would, in turn, deliver quality education to the learners at the comfort of their homes especially after school hours. It would, in turn, benefit all the students get the best lectures, tutorials, seminars and other related courses which would not have been otherwise accessible to them,” said the Tamil Nadu School Education Minister NR Sivapathy.


Tamil Nadu School education TV Channel Arasu Cable TelevisionThe Tamil Nadu School Department has named the channel ‘Education Channel’ and it would be accessible at channel number 200. It has been noted that the programmes on this particular channel would be aired round the clock. But initially, to begin with, the various programmes would be aired only for eight to ten hours for 2 to 3 months. The school education department already has three thousand hours in hand which is suffice to telecast without disruption. Although, the work to schedule programmes are still under process.


Tamil Nadu School education TV Channel Arasu Cable TelevisionThe Tamil Nadu government also plans of introducing video lessons typically for newly introduced concepts as well as difficult concepts that require practical training would be aired providing an easy explanation of concepts of the academic syllabus. This would particularly be aired along with videos on moral values. The focus would also be on promoting and re-introducing traditional games, Thirukkural, Yoga etc.


While the expertise and specific know-how found in government school teachers, as well as the children, always goes unnoticed. It was stated that the coaches, as well as faculty members with extraordinary talent along with learners who outperform others, would be featured particularly by the channel.

The Tamil Nadu government would make provisions for live classes for students preparing for various competitive exams like CA, CS, NEET etc. This channel would also act as a medium of awareness for the various announcements, government schemes as well as scholarship programmes.


Tamil Nadu School education TV Channel Arasu Cable TelevisionAlmost 90% of the projects would be aired in the regional language (i.e.Tamil) but there would also be specific programmes to train the students in specific languages like English.


Teachers from about 32 districts have been roped in for this particular project. Approximately all the videos that are to be used by this particular channel are created by the teachers along with a few outsourced technicians. It is only the government school teachers, students, as well as experts, have acted in these videos.


This particular project has a total of 1.35 crore rupees allocated to the procedure of equipment, installation and to connect the studio with TACTV station with the help of fiber cable. This integrated studio would function from Chennai, Anna Centenary Library. The tender to carry out the entire process has already been floated.


It is believed that this initiative would attract more students towards the school premises. Also, the teachers would be able to earn their required share of fame for their innovative ideas. This would in turn not only improve but also enhance the entire educational framework by changing the general public’s viewpoint of the government school.