Since the dawn of time, education has witnessed multiple stages of evolution. From the gurukuls to present-day universities, education, methods of learning and teaching have drastically changed. Also, with the fast-paced development in technological tools and integration of tech in education, we are witnessing education evolve at even a much faster rate. Here are some top education trends to look out for in 2019.

  • App-based Learning

Most people, including students spending several hours a day on their smartphones to navigate almost every aspect of their lives, from making calls and sending messages to finding things on the internet, there is an app for almost everything. Then why not incorporate app-based education in the daily lives of the students.

We already have iOS and Android apps for education such as Meritnation, BYJU’s, myCBSEguide etc. which allows students to learn a wide array of subjects interactively and conveniently. We can expect more players are to enter the field of educational apps in 2019 and witness and increased competition with the sector.

  • Interactive Classroom Experience 

Classroom teaching methods have remained unchanged for decades with the expectation of some of our favorite teachers who knew how to make learning fun and much more interactive for their students. Most classroom lessons conducted today are highly standardized and robotic in nature, which does not encourage learning.

Some schools have experimented with making classroom learning much more interactive by using audio-visual tools and interface, but due to the production cost involved, schools have their limitations in creating educations and interactive classroom content.

With companies such as ABCya, PBSKids, Funbrain etc. entering the business of creating interactive classroom content, we can expect Indian players are entering this space as well and creating and customizing interactive classroom course content as per Indian boards and curriculum in 2019.

  • Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing has the power to impact the attitude, motivation to learn and enhance the academic achievement of students. In the last decade, there has been an increasing trend of student sharing knowledge and educational content using technology and social media platforms among their peers, teachers which create a dialogue, allows students to present their understanding and point of view on a particular subject matter and enhance the entire learning experience.

The increasing relevance of online tools, technologies, and the internet is only going to further include students in sharing knowledge, exchange ideas and focus their research of a wide array of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram etc.