A humongous amount of news gets generated across the world every minute and it gets passed on to people across locations too. However, it is an even bigger challenge to segregate the original news and the fake ones. Three students from the IIIT Delhi have recently found an app called WhatsFarzi. The application helps to identify the fake news and helps to authenticate the content by checking it on the internet.

 The students who found the WhatsFarzi application are from the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology. The application uses a particular logarithm that helps to verify the content for its authenticity. In today’s excess of news in the digital world, this could be a great idea and would definitely be very useful.

The WhatsFarzi application not only verifies news but also images/photographs with the help of image tampering algorithm. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, an associate professor at IIIT Delhi mentioned that one of his students did some extensive research on the fake content available on the Twitter and Facebook applications and that helped him to come up with a Google Chrome browser extension for both Twitter and Facebook.

Dhruv Kucchal is aged 23, Madhur Tandon aged 22, and Suryatej Reddy Vyalla aged 20 are the three students studying B.Tech Computer Science at IIIT Delhi and are the founders of WhatsFarzi. The extensive research led to WhatsFarzi, which is definitely a great tool that helps Indians to fight back the fake news problem.

As per Suryatej Reddy, one of the members of the founding team also a third-year student they extract information from various locations, products, and people that are available on the internet and they use a knowledge graph for this. They update the graph with original news and save it on a secure database. This process helps them to verify the real news.

A lot of news gets circulated on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. But very few are actually validated both by the senders and receivers. While some of the news might not be very important the other important ones that are circulated can be very time and situation sensitive and can cause a lot of issues. Recently with the rise of tension in the country due to the terrorist attacks, there has been a lot of content getting circulated. But a lot of this content is actually fake and that creates a tensed feeling in the nation. A fake news detecting application could not come at a more important time than this.

While the WhatsFarzi kind of a fake news detecting application is a very useful one at the moment. Its scalability, usefulness and other merits and demerits will be uncovered in the next few months to understand whether it can stand the test and come out a winner. However, this application has arrived at a very crucial moment and definitely has potential. The details of its capabilities and drawbacks will soon be unveiled and with the changes made, the team of students from IIT Delhi will definitely come out in flying colours. All the best to the team!