The Higher Education Minister of Uttarakhand, Mr Dhan Singh Rawat, announced on Tuesday the degree colleges of Uttarakhand will be employing 1,800 new professors, assistant professors, and other academic staff and non-academic staff by the end of February this year. In this announcement, Mr Rawat has also mentioned the plans of the state government to sign MoUs with about 25 universities. This will provide the deserving candidates with free coaching services.

Students, who come from a weaker financial background, will be provided assistance through free coaching classes for entrance exams for IIT, NEET, and MBA. This will give a chance to the aspirants from the weaker backgrounds to stand out in these examinations and get an equal opportunity. To empower students and to get these students to participate better in these exams, the government has decided to convert nearly 3,000 coaching institutes into centres which will provide free coaching to the financially weak students. 

The Higher Education Minister also announced that from now the Professors from the degree colleges will be felicitated by the government based on their performances. This will motivate the professors to take their job more seriously. This will ultimately help the students of these colleges to learn better and progress.

The government is trying hard to improve the education quality in the degree colleges. So as a measure, the government has decided upon making 180 days attendance mandatory in these colleges. This will ensure that the students attend the classes regularly and complete the full academic session in their respective colleges. This measure will help to improve the education quality in the degree colleges as the students will take their education more seriously. The measure of making attendance mandatory is a good step as students often become reluctant in attending classes and this reflects in their results.

The Higher Education Minister of Uttarakhand also said that it is important to build patriotism for the nation amongst the students. For this reason, the government has made it mandatory for the schools and colleges to hoist the National flag and also sing the National Anthem. Schools and colleges all over the country thus have to abide by this rule.

With this new employment scenario of the academic staff in the degree colleges, the government plans to mark the year of 2019 as the ‘year of employment’. The government aims to fill the vacancy in the higher education institutes of the country by employing all the academic staffs like professors, assistant professors, librarians, technicians for the laboratories and also the computer teachers. The aim is to fill up the vacant positions before the next academic session begins in all the higher level education institutions.

By the announcement made by the Higher Education Minister, it is clear that the government is working both on improving the standards of the education imparted in the higher secondary institutes of the nation. This will ensure that the quality of students improves and hence also improve the employment state of the youth.