In today's digital landscape, the spread of fake news has become a significant threat to informed decision-making and democracy itself. As a result, fake news debunkers have emerged as a crucial line of defense against misinformation. However, their effectiveness relies heavily on one essential skill: critical thinking.

In a quest to explore the rich heritage and wisdom of Goa's indigenous Kunbi tribe, edInbox senior correspondent, Nibedita Sen had the privilege of interviewing Clarice Vaz, a talented artist who has dedicated her work to preserving and showcasing the cultural essence of this vanishing community.

In the dynamic world of education, there's a magic ingredient that can catapult both teachers and students to new heights - Preparation. It's not just about checking off to-do lists, but about equipping oneself with the tools needed to conquer academic challenges. So, let's delve into why preparation is the ultimate game-changer for acing exams and fostering a culture of excellence.

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