Into the Wild: 3-Day Hiking Expedition Unveils Hidden Treasures Of Odisha's Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

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Twenty-two experienced hikers from various parts of the country recently participated in Odisha's Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary's inaugural three-day hiking expedition with camping, focusing on nature and wildlife appreciation.

Originating from 12 different states and union territories, these hikers explored a challenging 20 km trail through Debrigarh's diverse terrain, including valleys, hills, grasslands, and islands. With prior trekking experience in both India and abroad, including the Himalayas, they were well-prepared for the adventure.

This expedition formed part of the nature education initiative by Hirakud Wildlife Division, in collaboration with India Hikes, a renowned trekking community in the country, as reported in Odisha Bytes.

During the expedition, the hikers ascended to an altitude of 500 meters on the first day, camping overnight at Ranibasa. The following day, they continued their journey through mountains and valleys, eventually reaching Bat Island. Their night stay was at the notable 'Cattle Island' within the Hirakud Dam area.

Accompanied by trained naturalists throughout the three-day journey, the hikers learned about the sanctuary's rich animal and bird diversity. Various nature-related activities, such as connecting with nature and engaging with trees, were also organized during the eco-friendly trek, ensuring zero plastic usage and leaving no litter behind at camping sites or along hiking routes, emphasized Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), Wildlife, Anshu Pragyan Das.

This expedition marked the first-ever night camping experience at Cattle Island, utilizing limited bio-toilets for the three-day duration, added Das.

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