New Zealand intensifies ties with 'Indian' educational institutes to attract more students

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Education New Zealand is committed to providing affordable opportunities for Indian students through various scholarship schemes. 

Education New Zealand, functioning under the jurisdiction of the New Zealand High Commission in India, is intensifying its efforts to bolster ties with established Indian educational institutions in a bid to attract a larger number of students from India. With India being the second-largest source of students for New Zealand, trailing only behind China, the country has become a focal point for educational endeavours. Presently, there are approximately 15,000 Indian students enrolled in New Zealand institutions, marking a significant presence.

Lisa Futschek, the General Manager International at Education New Zealand, highlighted the pivotal role of India in their global strategy, noting that the India office stands as the largest among the 17 offices worldwide. Futschek emphasized the importance of fostering partnerships, especially in collaborative research endeavours, to further strengthen the relationship between the two nations.

Furthermore, Education New Zealand is committed to providing affordable opportunities for Indian students through various scholarship schemes. Notably, the 'New Zealand Excellence Awards,' launched in 2016 exclusively for Indian students, has been instrumental in supporting 200 students annually with a comprehensive package to pursue studies in New Zealand. The organization revamped the award in 2023, with joint funding from Education New Zealand and New Zealand universities, continuing its support for deserving students. Education New Zealand assists international students in securing suitable employment opportunities during and after their studies. This includes provisions for PhD students and their families, allowing children to attend New Zealand schools without incurring international fees. The organization emphasizes employability initiatives from the outset, with programs often incorporating industry advisory boards and mandatory company placements to enhance practical skills and job prospects, as mentioned in a report by The Financial Express.

Highlighting their commitment to fostering educational partnerships, Education New Zealand recently inked an education cooperation arrangement with the state of Karnataka, particularly with the Higher Education Department. This agreement signifies mutual eagerness for collaboration and lays the groundwork for further educational exchanges and initiatives between New Zealand and Karnataka.