Privacy Watchdog Receives Complaints Against Microsoft's Education Software

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Microsoft faces scrutiny from privacy advocates in Europe. The Austrian Data Protection Authority received two complaints against the tech giant's 365 Education suite, a popular software package for schools.

The complaints, filed by NOYB (None of Your Business), allege violations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the EU's data privacy law. NOYB argues that Microsoft shirks its responsibility under GDPR by placing the burden of student data compliance on schools. Schools, they say, lack the resources and expertise to handle such complex legal matters.

Further concerns center around potential student data tracking. NOYB claims Microsoft's 365 Education software utilizes cookies typically used for advertising, raising questions about the extent of data collection and potential tracking of student activity.

NOYB is urging the Austrian authorities to investigate these claims and potentially fine Microsoft. This case underscores growing concerns about student data privacy in the online learning era, especially with regards to the practices of educational technology companies entrusted with sensitive student information.