Karnataka Education Minister clarifies minor textbook changes, outlines future plans

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During the press briefing in Mysuru, Madhu Bangarappa, Karnataka's Minister of Education, articulated the nuanced changes made to the textbooks, describing them as subtle adjustments primarily focused on refining specific words and sentences. He emphasized the accessibility of the updated textbooks, noting that they are now readily available on the department’s website.

In assuring the public, Bangarappa underscored the efficiency of the textbook distribution process, highlighting that the vast majority of materials have already been delivered to schools across Karnataka, with the remaining books set to arrive shortly.

Addressing concerns surrounding the distribution of bicycles to schoolchildren, the minister mentioned that the decision regarding this matter is currently under review and will be subject to deliberation during an upcoming cabinet meeting.

In reference to the provision of shoes to students, Bangarappa mentioned the allocation of funds to school development committees, explaining that this financial support aims to facilitate the distribution of footwear among students, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Announcing measures to support educators, Bangarappa declared plans to increase the honorarium for guest teachers in government educational institutions, acknowledging their significant contribution to the education system.

Illustrating future plans for educational reforms, the minister disclosed ongoing discussions regarding the assumption of control over BBMP schools, with a decision expected following the cabinet meeting scheduled for June 4.

Lastly, Bangarappa shared the state's vision for educational expansion, outlining an ambitious goal to establish 3,000 Karnataka Public Schools across 6,000 Gram Panchayats, with 600 schools earmarked for upgrades within the current year.