Karnataka Government schools get a boost: 7-Point Plan to bring back students

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In a bid to revitalise the state's education system, the Education Department has unveiled a comprehensive 7-point plan to bring back students to Karnataka government schools. The initiative aims to upgrade infrastructure, enhance teaching methods, and provide a more inclusive learning environment.

Under the plan, 500 government schools will be upgraded to Karnataka Public Schools, with a focus on the Kalyana Karnataka region, which will see 137 schools transformed. This move is expected to provide students with access to better facilities and resources, making government schools a more attractive option for parents.

To enhance teaching methods, 20,000 teachers will undergo training to fine-tune their skills and improve SSLC results. This will ensure that students receive quality education, enabling them to compete with their peers from other schools.

The Akshara Avishkara Yojana will see 1,975 schools developed as Model Schools, providing students with a more comprehensive learning experience. Additionally, the Karnataka Kaveri Resource Development Board (KKRDB) will receive a significant allocation of ₹3,000 crore for infrastructure development, ensuring that schools have the necessary resources to provide a conducive learning environment.

In a bid to cater to the diverse needs of students, bilingual teaching will be introduced from the primary level, enabling students to learn in their mother tongue as well as English. This move is expected to improve learning outcomes and make education more accessible.

The plan also includes the establishment of 3,000 Karnataka Public Schools across the state over the next three years, providing more options for parents and students. Furthermore, English will be offered as a medium of instruction in more state-run schools, enabling students to compete in a globalized world.

This 7-point plan is a significant step towards revamping Karnataka's education system, providing students with a more inclusive and comprehensive learning experience. By upgrading infrastructure, enhancing teaching methods, and providing more options, the government aims to bring back students to government schools and provide them with a brighter future.