Breaking: Jammu & Kashmir schools directed to begin assemblies with National Anthem

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Education authorities have rolled out guidelines in schools across Jammu and Kashmir to instil a sense of unity and discipline among students. The directive, issued by principal secretary Alok Kumar, stresses the importance of kick-starting each day with the National Anthem, setting the tone for a positive start.

According to the circular, these morning assemblies are slated to last 20 minutes, serving as a platform for character-building and awareness talks. Under the new guidelines, students and teachers are expected to deliver motivational speeches focusing on core values such as honesty, respect, responsibility, citizenship, and constitutional values, which align with the National Education Policy of 2020.

Beyond character education, there's a pressing emphasis on tackling the drug menace. Authorities are urging for a comprehensive approach involving various levels of education, prevention, treatment, and collaboration. Special attention will be given to educating students about the harmful effects of narcotics and psychotropic substances on their mental and physical well-being.

The education department hopes that by enforcing these guidelines, students will develop a sense of national pride and cultivate discipline and unity within the school community. Teachers and students are being called upon to embrace this responsibility, believing it will positively influence the school environment.

With these measures in place, the education authorities aim for a consistent and uplifting start to each school day, ultimately contributing to the holistic development of students across the region.