Sepahijala Students Stage Highway Blockade Over Teacher Transfer

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Pramod Nagar Higher Secondary School students in Tripura's Sepahijala district took to the streets today, bringing traffic on the busy Agartala-Sabroom highway to a halt.

Their protest targeted the unexpected transfer of Mousumi Debbarma, a well-liked teacher who handles both English and Science courses.

The blockade caused a major traffic jam, with hundreds of vehicles stuck on either side of the highway for a significant period. News of the student action spread quickly, prompting district education officials to respond. Malay Bhowmik, the District Education Officer (DEO), arrived at the scene and opened a dialogue with the protesting students.

The students voiced their strong opposition to Ms. Debbarma's transfer. They highlighted her popularity and her significant contribution to their academic success. They clarified that they would not accept her departure unless a suitable replacement were identified.

DEO Bhowmik urged the students to submit a formal petition outlining their objections to the transfer to resolve the situation. The students agreed to his request and lifted the blockade, allowing traffic to flow again.

Sources in nearby Bisramganj indicate that the petition has already been submitted to the DEO. He has reportedly forwarded it to higher authorities, who recommend temporarily postponing Ms Debbarma's transfer.

This incident brings renewed attention to the ongoing challenges of teacher shortages and unplanned transfers within Tripura's education system. The students' dramatic protest underlines the disruptive impact such transfers can have, especially involving highly valued educators. The fate of Ms Debbarma's transfer and the broader issue of teacher shortages in Sepahijala district now rests with the higher education authorities.