We all know the struggle: escaping the grip of yet another captivating YouTube video or resisting the urge to scroll through social media for "just a sec."

In the labyrinth of India's academic landscape lies a disconcerting truth: while the nation boasts a surge in PhD graduates, these intellectual powerhouses find themselves shackled by a stark disparity in compensation. The mere notion of a PhD holder's bare minimum salary expectation of ₹70,000 is a far cry from the harsh realities of the current job market.

As election fever grips the nation, government schools across various states have once again become the battlegrounds for political campaigns. This disturbing trend of using educational institutions for political purposes is not only inappropriate but also detrimental to the primary mission of these schools: providing quality education to children.

In today's world, people argue a lot about whether religion should be taught in schools. Some say it's important to keep religion separate from education to treat everyone fairly and help kids think for themselves. They worry that mixing religion with school stuff can make kids biased and stop them from growing smart.

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