Embrace a fulfilling path of paramedical education cracking GAHET

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Choosing paramedics as a career can be an excellent decision for those driven by motivation, passion for helping others, and a desire to make a meaningful impact. This field offers a fulfilling path where professionals provide immediate medical assistance, stabilize patients, and save lives—a role that brings immense satisfaction. 

Paramedics operate in a dynamic environment known for its rapid pace and continuous learning opportunities. They play a crucial role in emergency medical services, offering vital care and support in hospitals, ambulance services, disaster management, and beyond.

It's a noble profession that values dedication, compassion, and a commitment to community service. For individuals who possess these qualities and seek a career focused on saving lives and serving others, paramedical offers a rewarding pathway filled with purpose and impact.

Step 1: GAHET 2024, the Global Allied Healthcare Entrance Test, is scheduled online. Candidates can conveniently participate using mobile phones, laptops, or desktop computers.

Step 2: Candidates will receive comprehensive exam guidelines and the paramedical exam portal link via email 24 hours before the exam.

Step 3: It is mandatory for candidates to thoroughly review the exam guide and follow the instructions while appearing for the Paramedical Exam.

The Global Allied Healthcare Entrance Test (GAHET 2024) marks a significant opportunity for aspiring students seeking admission into paramedical courses in various universities across India. The duration of these courses varies from three years for the Bachelor of Science program and two years for both the Diploma and Master of Science programs.

Question Paper Pattern for GAHET 2024

- The GAHET 2024 exam will be conducted online, accessible via laptop or desktop computers.

- There will be a single-question paper with a total duration of 60 minutes.

- The medium of the question paper will be English.

- The question paper will comprise 100 marks in total.

- Candidates will be awarded one mark for each correct answer. Notably, there will be no negative marking for incorrect answers.

GAHET 2024 aims to assess candidates' aptitude and knowledge in the field of paramedical sciences, paving the way for their future careers in allied healthcare. Aspirants are encouraged to prepare diligently, adhere to the exam guidelines, and utilize this opportunity to embark on a rewarding journey in paramedical education.

For further details regarding GAHET 2024, including registration procedures and updates, candidates are advised to visit the www.edInbox.com website.