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The education industry offers a plethora of alternative career paths that can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding. Here, we unveil the top 9 alternative careers in education, highlighting their roles, requirements, and salaries.

  1. Museum Curator or Guide - $49,850/year

As a museum curator or guide, you'll play a vital role in educating visitors about art, history, and culture. This job involves organizing exhibitions, managing collections, and creating educational programs. A background in education or a related field makes you well-suited for this role, where your skills in teaching and communication can shine outside the traditional classroom setting.

  1. Information Science - $122,840/year

Information scientists work at the intersection of data, technology, and education to enhance learning outcomes. This role involves managing and analyzing educational data, developing software, and implementing technology solutions in educational settings. A solid understanding of both education and technology is essential for success in this high-paying field.

  1. Education Policy and Research - $58,926/year

If you are interested in influencing education systems on a broader scale, a career in education policy and research might be for you. Professionals in this field conduct research, analyze data, and develop policies to improve educational practices and outcomes. This role often requires a strong background in education, public policy, or a related field.

  1. Corporate Trainer - $61,210/year

Corporate trainers are responsible for educating employees in a business environment. They design, develop, and deliver training programs to improve employee skills and performance. A background in education equips you with the skills necessary to understand adult learning principles and create effective training modules.

  1. Recruiting Coordinator - $34,840/year

As a recruiting coordinator, you will work with educational institutions to recruit top talent. This role involves understanding the needs of schools and universities, sourcing candidates, and managing the hiring process. An education background helps in aligning recruitment strategies with institutional goals.

  1. Writing/Publishing - $63,200/year

If you have a knack for writing, consider a career in educational writing and publishing. You'll create engaging and informative content for textbooks, educational software, and other learning materials. This field requires strong writing skills and a deep understanding of educational content and curricula.

  1. Educational Administration (Principal, Vice-Principal, Superintendent) - $95,310/year

Educational administrators oversee the operation of schools and school districts, making crucial decisions about policies, programs, and staffing. These roles require leadership skills, extensive experience in education, and often advanced degrees in education administration or a related field.

  1. Admissions Counselor/Recruiter - $56,000/year

Admissions counselors and recruiters assist students and families through the college admissions process. This role involves evaluating applications, conducting interviews, and providing guidance on admissions requirements. An education background helps you understand the academic and personal factors important in college admissions.

  1. Adult Education - $53,000/year

Adult educators work with adult learners to teach skills and subjects such as literacy, numeracy, and vocational training. This role requires patience, adaptability, and a deep understanding of adult learning principles. It’s a rewarding career for those who enjoy helping others achieve their educational and career goals later in life.

These alternative careers offer diverse opportunities to leverage your education background in new and exciting ways, often with competitive salaries and the chance to make a significant impact. Explore these paths to find the one that best aligns with your interests and skills.