Osmania University Students Protest, Demand Postponement Of DSC Exams

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Tensions have escalated at Osmania University as students staged a protest demanding the postponement of the District Selection Committee (DSC) examinations, which are crucial for recruiting teachers in government and local schools.

Organised by DSC examination aspirants and the Bharat Rashtra Samithi Vidyarthi (BRSV), the protest led to the detention of 20 students by the police.

The protesting students argued that the DSC syllabus closely resembled the UPSC exams, highlighting insufficient study materials and inadequate preparation time. They also called on the Telangana government to increase job postings in Group I, II, and III cadres. To express their dissatisfaction with the current recruitment process, demonstrators burned an effigy of Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy at the university.

The protest began on Monday night and continued into Tuesday, with students gathering at the university's Arts College and marching towards the NCC gate. Police intervention led to the detention of several student leaders, including those who had been on a hunger strike for eight days.

Chief Minister Revanth Reddy assured the agitating students that a job calendar would be published soon. However, the assurances did little to quell the unrest, as the students remained unsatisfied and continued their protest. They insisted that the DSC exams be postponed until October to allow adequate preparation time.

The situation at Osmania University remains tense, with students adamant about their demands for postponing the DSC exams and increasing job postings. The protest reflects broader concerns about the adequacy of resources and support for students preparing for competitive exams in Telangana. The students' insistence on more preparation time and additional job postings underscores the challenges faced by aspiring teachers in the state.

The authorities' response to the protest has been marked by a balance of engagement and enforcement. While assurances from the Chief Minister aimed to address the student's concerns, the police's detention of protesters highlights the high stakes and intense emotions involved. The ongoing protest at Osmania University is a significant development in the broader discourse on educational reform and job creation in Telangana.

As the standoff continues, the focus remains on whether the government will accede to the students' demands or if the protests will escalate further. The outcome will have implications not only for the immediate issue of the DSC exams but also for the broader relationship between students, educational institutions, and the government in addressing systemic issues in education and employment.