Join the 'Gen Next' Virtual Design Festival 2024 For Preparing Your Design Skills

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Collegedunia and AIDAT Team Up for a design learning experience like never before

Aspiring designers, brace yourselves for an unparalleled experience in learning, creativity, and skill development. This is your opportunity to delve deep into the design world and elevate your skills to new heights. Collegedunia and AIDAT proudly present the sensational "Gen Next" Virtual Design Festival 2024, launching into a creative orbit from January to June 2024. This dynamic collaboration, featuring 50+ leading design colleges across India, promises an immersive journey that will redefine the very essence of design education.


Prepare to be swept away by a tidal wave of excitement and opportunities with Virtual Design Festival 2024:


  • 30+ Master Classes for College Readiness: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of design gurus, industry titans, and visionaries, including Heads of Departments (HODs), deans, and professors.


  • Showcase talent in 30+ Design Contests: It's your moment to shine on the national stage! Participate in design contests that transcend boundaries and bring out the artist in you.


  • Connect with Design Icons for Career Guidance: Imagine having exclusive sessions with design luminaries, offering insights that could shape your creative destiny.


  • Immerse in 30+ Virtual Workshops for Expertise: Dive into specialised workshops that promise hands-on learning, honing your skills and turning you into a design maestro.


  • Brainstorm to Explore Design Horizons: Break free from the Ordinary! Join stimulating sessions that encourage out-of-the-box thinking and push the boundaries of design exploration.


  • Personalized Prep: Choose 5+ Sessions/Month: Tailor your learning experience by choosing a minimum of 5 monthly sessions that align with your passions.



How to Enroll in the Virtual Design Festival?


Step 1: Choose Your Sessions

Select a minimum of 5 monthly sessions based on your interest and availability through a user-friendly Google Form shared via email.


Step 2: Complete the Registration Form

Fill in details to secure your front-row seat at the Virtual Design Festival. Don't miss your chance to be part of this groundbreaking event!


Step 3: Receive Confirmation

Get ready to dive into the design universe with a confirmation of your enrollment and access details for the festival delivered straight to your inbox.


Step 4: Participate in Contests

Register to unleash your design prowess in the monthly contests and show the world your creative genius!


AIDAT – India's 1st National Level Design Entrance Exam

AIDAT, the All India Design Aptitude Test, unveils a gateway to an extraordinary realm of innovation, imagination, and limitless opportunities within design education. Serving as a transformative platform, AIDAT not only facilitates applications for prestigious design academics at nationally acclaimed universities but also provides a wealth of resources – from insightful reading materials and design news to industry awareness, counselling, and invaluable career guidance. Renowned universities and colleges participating in AIDAT offer a diverse array of diploma, bachelor, and master's degree programs, making it the ultimate choice for design aspirants seeking excellence in various design specializations.


✅ India's 1st National Level Design Entrance Exam

✅ 50+ of India’s Top Design Institutes/Colleges

✅ Offering 300+ Diploma, Bachelor & Master Degree Courses

✅ End-to-End counseling & Admission Support


Edinbox, a pioneer in education-focused media, extends beyond AIDAT to offer diverse entrance exams catering to various interests. With assessments like AIFSET (All India Forensic Science Entrance Test), GMCET (GLOBAL MEDIA COMMON ENTRANCE TEST), and AIPMCET (All India Paramedical Common Entrance Test), Edinbox opens doors to real global opportunities by collaborating with South Asian universities, providing aspirants with a pathway to higher education tailored to their passions.


Don't miss the chance to be part of the most transformative design journey at India's "Gen Next" Virtual Design Festival 2024. Join us where creativity knows no bounds, and the future of design education is redefined!